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Drug & Alcohol in Grand Rapids South

Individual in Need of a Drug & Alcohol Test?

A drug and alcohol test is the only way that an individual can confirm or disprove allegations of substance abuse.

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South provides comprehensive drug and alcohol testing for individuals, including court-admissible testing for social and family services, prescription monitoring, and teen drug testing.

Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Tests

Our facilities have the capabilities to conduct any drug and alcohol test you need as an individual, for any situation. This includes:

Types of Alcohol Testing

There are a variety of methods to test for alcohol depending on the specific circumstances and what information is sought by the testing. ARCpoint’s trained, certified testing professionals can help you choose the right test for the right results.

Social & Family Tests

We conduct all forms of social & family drug testing, including passive exposure, environmental testing, teen drug testing, and more.

Prescription Monitoring

We test for and monitor individuals for use of methadone, suboxone, & fentanyl, as well as other dangerous prescription drugs.

Types of Drug Testing

The method and nature of drug testing varies depending on many factors, ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best choice depending on the reason and context for the test.

Court-Ordered Drug Testing

Our labs are equipped to provide court-mandated drug testing and monitoring as well as drug tests for child custody cases.

Common Drugs

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South offers accurate, reliable testing protocols and results for all of the most common drugs of abuse, including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and synthetic drugs.

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Trusted for Drug & Alcohol Testing

As a preferred collection site for Quest Diagnostics and a network collection site for LabCorp, our locations follow all Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) standards. We also utilize SAMHSA-certified laboratories for all confirmation tests, ensuring the accuracy and court-admissible status of all drug and alcohol test results.

When you need accurate and confidential drug and alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South can deliver.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South is proud to be a member of and/or support the following associations: