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Maternity in Grand Rapids South

Maternity Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South’s DNA testing confidently and accurately determines whether an alleged mother is the biological mother of a child. Our court admissible DNA testing services follow an unbroken Chain of Custody, allowing results to be used in court. Some instances when maternity may need to be determined include:

  • Hospital mix-ups
  • Foster care or adoptions
  • Immigration cases
  • Ancestry or health risks

To improve the statistical accuracy of paternity testing, it is always desired to have the mother’s DNA as part of the test. Although paternity testing isn’t used to verify maternity, the mother’s specimen improves the statistical probability of determining the lineage of the child.

Young mother kissing a smiling baby on the cheek.

If you need DNA testing to prove biological maternity, please contact ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South.

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