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Infidelity DNA Testing in Grand Rapids South

Using DNA Testing to Prove Infidelity

It used to be that a person or couple who wanted a divorce had to show legal “fault” of one of the spouses before a court could grant it. One of the ways to do that was to show infidelity. Today, nearly every state has done away with the requirement to prove legal fault to get a divorce. But proof of infidelity can still be very important in the determination of matters within the divorce proceeding. Fortunately, the science of DNA testing, makes that kind of proof a much more cut and dried matter than it once was.

Proof of infidelity can affect whether a spouse receives alimony, how the court divides marital property, and sometimes even child custody and visitation. Infidelity can also come into play if the spouses signed a pre- or post-nuptial agreement that includes it as a factor.

Private investigators helping a client in trying to resolve a suspicion of infidelity can use DNA testing of personal and even intimate objects such as sheets, toothbrushes, pajamas or underwear to show whether another person has been physically present in those areas. A positive finding can be very strong evidence in support of a claim of infidelity.

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Formal Forensically Reliable DNA Testing Increases Certainty of Outcomes

Attorneys and private investigators routinely rely on legally admissible, forensically sound, DNA testing providers because they know the pitfalls of using informal, home-based test kits. The increased reliability of forensic dna testing also increases certainty of the results. Greater confidence in the results of testing, whatever they reveal, can provide peace of mind and final closure in a difficult relationship matter.

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South offers accurate, reliable and confidential, forensically sound DNA testing for infidelity. Our highly trained personnel ensure a valid and reliable testing process. Items that can be tested for DNA evidence of infidelity include undergarments, bedding, trash and more.Unless specimens are collected directly from the donor in a documented chain of custody by trained personnel, there is a significant risk that the results may not be acceptable into evidence in court. Do away with that risk.

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

Beyond the test results themselves, sensitive matters such as possible infidelity of a spouse or significant other requires utmost care and discretion. ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South protocols not only insure accurate, reliable test results, but also absolute confidentiality in the recording, maintenance and dissemination of information and documentation of test results.

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