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Social/Family Testing in Grand Rapids South

Court-Admissible Social Services Testing

Social services agencies as well as families and organizations that assist them often need drug testing services, whether it is for their employees or volunteers, or as part of the delivery of services to their clients and consumers. Group homes, foster parents, juvenile officers, social workers and all the agencies they work for often have need of these services.

When they do, you want to be sure they are reliable, and able to be used in an administrative or court hearing if required. False positives and false negatives are to be avoided at all costs. People’s lives and well-being, and sometimes their ability to stay with their family of origin are at stake. At ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South, our trained collection professionals provide reliable, court-admissible drug and alcohol testing for your family and social-services needs. We can help. Call ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South  today!

Did You Know?

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South proudly helps social service agencies, courts, law firms, and other organizations throughout the nation in matters of:

Lunch & Learn

Who says there’s no free lunch? ARCpoint of Grand Rapids South offers Lunch & Learn on a variety of topics . . .

Passive Exposure and Environmental Testing

Passive exposure and environmental testing can help determine the safety of children and families when there are concerns about family drug abuse . . .

Rohypnol GHB Drug Testing

“Roofie” is the slang name for Rohypnol GHB. Testing can determine for sure what happened . . .

Teen & Student Testing

Teenagers are under increasing and anxiety to meet certain ideals in this world. Sometimes they turn to drugs to compete or escape . . .

Drug Testing for Social Services & Families – ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South can help.

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South for accurate, reliable and confidential drug testing services for any social services or family application.

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